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Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights

We recognize the significant distinctions between representing creditors and debtors – and have chosen to exclusively represent creditors. The firm appreciates the need of clients to expect a full and unqualified commitment to a position and perspective, and as a result, we represent only creditors, secured and unsecured, in all matters of insolvency and restructuring proceedings, to the exclusion of any debtor's representation. Our clients choose us to represent them in bankruptcy and creditors' rights matters because we bring an immediate sense of legitimacy to our client's position, both in and out of court. We pride ourselves on prompt service to our clients, the ability to find logical yet creative solutions, and the resources to support any negotiating position. From pre-bankruptcy workout to Chapter 11 restructuring to litigating in state or federal court, our representation covers all aspects of bankruptcy and creditors' rights.
Our Services Include
  • Pre-Workout Analysis of Documentation
  • Workout and Restructuring Agreements
  • Forbearance and Modification Agreements
  • Enforcement of Pre-Judgment Remedies
  • Wind-Down and Liquidation Under Article 9
  • Debtor-in-Possession Financing
  • Cash Collateral Agreements
  • Defense of Preference and Avoidance Claims
  • Intercreditor and Participation Representation
  • Foreclosure
  • Replevin
  • Fraudulent Conveyance Actions
  • Litigation in all Courts